I am an avid Mazda Automobile and Wankel Rotary Engine collector, researcher and restorer based in Greenville, Michigan, northeast of Grand Rapids. I have been involved with and collecting Mazdas and rotary powered vehicles, equipment and memorabilia for twenty years now, and still can't get enough. I also do repair and restoration work from time to time for local customers, though I am limited to two projects at a time due to current space limitations.

I am currently looking for a more "car friendly" property with more favorable zoning laws permitting a significantly larger workshop and parking garage to move operations to, such as a small commercial building. A fellow collector and I are also working towards an eventual museum focusing on Mazda's history in the US, and Wankel history overall.

If you have any Mazda or Wankel memorabilia or production / company info that needs to find a new home, or have a vehicle that needs servicing or restoration, please feel free to contact me.