VIN: JM1FC3321J0622804
  • Series I 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Acquired from original owner on August 17, 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky with just over 99,000 original miles
  • Vehicle was originally purchased at Vince Whibbs Mazda in Pensacola, Florida in mid-1988 (sister car to Dale Clark's old 10th Anniversary [VIN JM1FC3321J0622799], the only other 10th Anniversary Edition sold new by Vince Whibbs Mazda)
  • Transmission was rebuilt by dealer (at no charge, even though out of warranty) at around 60,000 miles due to faulty 3rd gear synchro
  • Learned that selling dealer did not provide the original owner of the car with the 10th Anniversary brochure nor the special 10th Anniversary front bra/mask and hood protector. Original owner was unaware the car should have come with these items until I brought it to his attention.
  • Car currently has 152,804 miles, still on original engine and turbo
  • As of 8/28/2012, car is undergoing mild 'refreshening' (do not want to call it a restoration), which will ultimately include an engine rebuild, suspension and brake systems overhaul, new turbocharger, exhaust system, hardware replating, and more.

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